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Welcome to, your home for The Future of SSR e-Conference taking place from May 4-8, 2009.To participate in the e-Conference, you must be a registered participant. Click on 'Register' below to create your free account.

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Day 1 - LIVE!

Conceptual Origins & Evolution

Featured Paper: 'Why is SSR Important? A United Nations Perspective' by Adedeji Ebo & Kristiana Powell

Video: 'Security Sector Reform Today' keynote adderess by Walter Slocombe

Day 2

Donor Approaches to SSR

Featured Paper: 'The Future of SSR: Less Post-Conflict, Less Whole of Government and more Geopolitics?' by Luc van de Goor and Erwin van Veen

Video: 'American Approaches to SSR' by Robert Perito

Day 3

SSR from Concept to Context

Featured Paper: 'SSR and Post-Conflict Resolution: The Armed Wing of State Building?' by Paul Jackson

Video: 'Security Sector Reform in Indonesia' by Sri Yunanto and Mufti al-Ahlaq

Day 4

SSR & Peacebuilding

Featured Paper: 'Securing Human Rights: Shifting the SSR Paradigm' by Nicholas Galletti and Michael Wodzicki

Audio: 'Police Reform in Post-Conflict Contexts' by David Beer

Day 5

Challenges to Implementation

Featured Paper: 'Narrowing the Policy-Practice Divide: Developing New Models for SSR Implementation' by Mark Sedra

Video: 'Panel Discussion: Security Sector Reform - Gaps Between Policy and Practice' by Stephen Baranyi

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