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Technical Assistance

If you're experiencing any technical difficulties with registration, please contact [email protected] and a SSR e-Conference team member will assist you as soon as possible

Contacting the SSR e-Conference Team

Mark Sedra
Senior Fellow, CIGI
Contact Mark to learn more about the Global & Human Security Program at CIGI or other Security Sector Reform initiatives
[email protected]

Anne-Marie Sanchez
Project Officer, CIGI
Contact Anne-Marie if you have questions about the e-Conference or if you would like to learn more about CIGI research projects
[email protected]

Jennifer Calbery
Community Project Manager, Governance Village
Contact Jennifer to learn more about Governance Village projects or to explore e-Dialogue programs
[email protected]

Brandon Currie
Community Content Editor, Governance Village
Contact Brandon to explore content ideas for Governance Village
[email protected]

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