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SSR Monitor

The SSR Monitor
In May 2009 CIGI will launch a new quarterly publication focusing exclusively on security sector reform. Titled the SSR Monitor, the publication will track ongoing SSR processes in five countries: Afghanistan, Haiti, South Sudan, Burundi and East Timor. The Monitor will comprise separate 10 page reports for each case study country. The same research methodology will be used in each country, enabling comparative analysis. Research for the Monitor will be field-based; a resident researcher in each case study country will coordinate data collection and analysis, with support from desk based analysts at CIGI. The Monitor will be both a clearinghouse for information on SSR in our focused countries and a source of cogent analysis and policy advice.
Why an SSR Monitor?
While there are a significant number of stand-alone reports on the security sector reform (SSR) processes in each of our case study countries there is little continuous coverage and analysis. This has made it difficult for policy-makers, practitioners and observers alike to adequately track progress in these settings and develop coherent benchmarks and indicators with which to measure change. There are also significant blind spots in existing reporting on SSR processes in post-conflict and fragile state contexts, such as penal systems, traditional security and justice mechanisms, and legislative oversight structures. A quarterly publication focusing on SSR in specific countries will be able to better cover the wide breadth of SSR related areas, including those that are characteristically overlooked or ignored. As the Monitor comprises separate reports corresponding to specific case study countries, it will serve as an important source of grass roots information and analysis for policy makers, analysts, academics, and journalists. Unlike so much policy and academic reporting on SSR programs, the research for the Monitor will be conducted by local researchers and will focus on the entire country, not solely developments in the capital region and major urban centers. By providing ongoing reporting on a diverse set of case studies situated in different parts of the world, the Monitor will offer insight on the state of the security sector reform model and the challenges to implementation that exist. It can feed into broader policy debates on the future of the SSR model.
You can view and download the first edition of the SSR Monitor by clicking here. If you wish to subscribe please email with your full name and email address.

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